Digital resources

The digital resources available to learn French as a foreign language presented below have all been developed at the University of Lille by teaching staff from the DEFI and the Department of pedagogic innovation. They are tailored to the linguistic ability and needs of our students, allowing them to engage in self-learning at the language resource centre (CRL) or remotely. 


ActuFLE is made up of 32 modules each developed using extracts of reports taken from the TV talk show C dans l’air (France5), addressing a topic from current affairs or contemporary society and linked to the cultural subjects suggested in the Common European framework of reference for languages for level B2 students. To work on their oral comprehension skills, students watch the report, answer open-ended questions, and check and evaluate their answers using the sample answer provided. Various tools are available to help: video feedback, subtitles and vocabulary and culture files (docACTU).


Built up using extracts from video-recorded university lectures, Cap-Univ provides a range of activities to develop students’ ability to understand classes and take notes, as well as work on the vocabulary specific to each area. (Levels B2-C1)


Each Certif'langues module for foreign French learners includes both oral and written comprehension activities linked to the same topic and developed from a sample exam paper. These modules prepare students for the oral and written comprehension exams for levels B1 and B2 of the DELF diploma. A total of seven modules are available: three for students preparing DELF B1 and four for DELF B2.